The David Bowie, Prince & George Michael Sing-A-Long!


Join us as we pay tribute to three of the world’s biggest and best pop, rock and soul music icons, all of whom left the stage too soon in 2016, with a spectacular sing-a-long celebration that’s guaranteed to make you party like its 1999!  Put on your red shoes and dance the blues with the original rock ‘n roll chameleon, David Bowie; hear what it sounds like when doves cry with his Royal Badness, Prince; and wake up before you go-go with the blue-eyed soul man, George Michael!  Sing, dance and go crazy with a hot and funky collection of incredible music videos of some of your favorite hit songs, like Let’s Dance, Little Red Corvette and Careless Whisper, all featuring onscreen lyrics for maximum sing-a-long excitement!  Prizes will be awarded for the best David Bowie, Prince and George Michael costumes, and glow sticks will be provided to help us all light up the night!   Yes, we can be heroes, just for one day, as we sing-a-long with, and say “thank you” to, three unforgettable artists who each made music history, one song at a time.   Are we gonna let the elevator bring us down?  No way! (Program running time: approx. 90 mins.)