The Deadly Spawn


“Earth vs. the ultimate eating machine!”

They’re big. They’re mean. And they look suspiciously like angry male appendages with teeth! Yes, it’s time to prepare yourself for the alien invasion to end ALL alien invasions … it’s time to get up close and personal with The Deadly Spawn! This fun and cheesy (not to mention, incredibly slimy) 1983 throwback to the “monster from another planet” flicks of the 1950s is full of humor (both intentional and not-so-intentional), clever pre-CGI creature effects and gallons and gallons of gooey gore. Shot on 16mm in beautifully scenic New Jersey, this wild flick is what would result if Alien devoured The Evil Dead and then used Meatballs as an after-dinner mint.
When a group of New Jersey campers stumble upon the remnants of a meteorite, they are horrified to discover that fanged, worm-like creatures have hitched a ride to Earth. And worse yet, the creatures are REALLY hungry. After finishing off their “camper appetizer,” the deadly alien spawn take refuge in the basement of an isolated house … and prepare themselves for the main course! With the people in the house now becoming the unsuspecting entrees of an intergalactic monster buffet, a group of less-than-brilliant teenagers, led by a young boy obsessed with monster movies, decide to take this inconvenient matter into their own hands … to stop the aliens from reproducing and rid the world of The Deadly Spawn once and for all!