The Devil on Wheels


In this campy juvenile delinquent hot rod flick, a troubled teen gets more than he bargained for when he starts hanging out with the “wrong crowd” and they drive him straight down the highway to hell! In The Devil on Wheels, one of the very first Hollywood films to feature hot rods (and designed to warn impressionable youth about the dangers of fast cars), Darryl Hickman, older brother of Duane “Dobie Gillis” Hickman, stars as Michael “Micky” Clark, a good kid who temporarily turns bad when he goes car crazy with a bunch of hoodlums on the make for high speed kicks – a gang of wild teenagers who hold illegal drag-races, often leading to death and police involvement. Yes, it’s all fun and games for Michael until he causes a serious accident after being “inspired” by his father’s reckless driving habits, leading to harsh lectures and tough lessons learned. But is he actually a devil? Society will be the judge! Filled with great hot rod footage, an avalanche of hilariously hip lingo and atmospheric lighting for that cool hard-boiled noir edge, The Devil on Wheels is a hopped-up blast from the past co-starring Terry Moore (Mighty Joe Young) and James Cardwell (He Walked by Night). Like, real crazy, man. (Dir. by Crane Wilbur, 1947, USA, 67 mins., Not Rated) Digital