The Feels


Loveable brides-to-be Andi (Constance Wu, Fresh Off the Boat) and Lu (Angela Trimbur, The Final Girls) can’t wait to get away with their closest friends to a luxury home nestled in Northern California wine country for their co-bachelorette party. Quirky/awkward greetings among their assortment of pals, including Andi’s lothario male friend Josh, Lu’s awkwardly late sister Nikki, YouTube-famous singer Kárin, self-absorbed actress Vivien, and the hilariously affable chef Helen, relax into a warm and fuzzy evening fueled by cocktails and a few hits of ecstasy.

The Feels has considerable sprightly appeal … often hysterically funny.” – Dennis Harvey, Variety

But the festive vibe screeches to a halt when an inebriated Lu lets slip that she has never had an orgasm, much to Andi’s dismay. This unexpected admission causes chaos among the tightknit group, plunging the weekend into slippery waters, where long-held secrets emerge, confessions rise from hidden depths, and a gold-dusted joint or two helps to ease tension with the giddy possibility of summoning Beyoncé’s back-up dancers from unexpected bodily locales. Written and directed by Jenée LeMarque (The Pretty One), The Feels is a funny, breezy and touching exploration of the bonds and boundaries of love and friendship, fueled by a killer ‘90s R&B and electro-pop soundtrack. (Dir. by Jenée LaMarque, 2017, USA, 90 mins,, Not Rated)

Other Festival Appearances: Outfest; Frameline; Seattle