The Final Alliance


Mondo Mondays Hassels the Hoff with a tribute to the cinematic legend that is DAVID HASSELHOFF! Start running in slow motion NOW!

“Justice is about to hit town … with a vengeance!” Combine David Hasselhoff, a biker gang, and a well-trained puma and what do you get? The Final Alliance tells the gripping story of a man that returns to his home town only to find it overrun by a wild gang of leather-clad, motorcycle-riding bad boys. But when that man is Hasselhoff, and his pet is a puma, does the biker gang really stand a chance?

“A guaranteed night of silly fun if you don’t take your action flicks too seriously … Hasselhoff should have been in more movies like this.” – Comeuppance Reviews

Will Colton (The Hoff) is a man who swears by his awesome hat, beard stubble, mullet, tight jeans, cowboy boots and leather jacket.   He also has a pet puma named Felix. Colton returns to his desert hometown of Goldcrest (which weirdly resembles a western ghost town movie set), and begins fixing up his old homestead. For some reason, this does not sit well with the local biker gang, The Vipers.  Through their forceful intimidation tactics and bad acting, which terrorizes the local population, The Vipers rule Goldcrest. The leader of the gang, an insane albino named Ghost (John Saxon, Enter the Dragon) has a corrupt relationship with the sleazy town sheriff, Whistler (Bo Hopkins, The Wild Bunch), who screams all of his lines at the top of his lungs. Things quickly go from dumb to dumber, and soon it’s up to Colton (who is, of course, highly proficient in the fine art of booby traps) and his pet puma to clean up this mess of a town, with the help of his new love, Carrie (Jeanie Moore, Vampire at Midnight), in the process revealing secrets from his past that drive him to exact revenge on the filthy Vipers. Will he succeed? And will we ever find out what The Final Alliance actually means?  Don’t ask. (Dir. by Mario DeLio, 1990, USA, 90 mins., Rated R)