The Future Shorts Festival / Summer Season Edition


The Future Shorts Festival
“Summer Season” line-up:

A Morning Stroll
(Grant Orchard, 2012, U.K., 7 min.)
This delightfully inventive short tells the story of an encounter between a New Yorker and a chicken. Told over three acts spanning over 100 years, this incredibly successful animated short has already won a BAFTA and a Jury Award at Sundance and was nominated for the Best Short Animated Film Academy Award.

(Ga Eun-Yoon, 2011, South Korea, 20 min.)
A teenager angry at her father’s affair barges into his mistress’ house to find her two young children. Winner of the 2012 International Grand Prix at Clermont -Ferrand, Guest is a beautifully acted coming-of-age tale from Korean National University of Arts’ film program.

Notes on Biology
(Will Madden, 2011, U.S., 6 min.)
This very clever stop motion animation short explores a student’s wild imagination running amok during a Biology class. Winner of the Best Short Film Award at the SXSW Film Festival.

We’ll Become Oil
(Mihai Grecu, 2011, Romania, 6 min.)
This award-winning experimental documentary inspired by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill describes the effect of conflict in geographical spaces.

Street Vendor Cinema
(Clarissa Knoll, 2011, Brazil, 15min.)
A short film producer sells filmmaking on demand in the busiest shopping district of Brazil. The outcome is an extraordinary mix of genres, from a samurai epic to a family melodrama, all born out of popular fantasy shaped amid the market’s chaos.

(John Barrington, 2011, U.K., 13 min.)

A tribe of Norse warriors traipses across a barren land after battle. Their dying chief is about to hand over power to his son when an army of a completely different sort descends upon them.

(Victor Hugo Duran, 2011, U.S., 11 min.)
During a 4th of July celebration in South Central L.A., two adolescent boys embark on a quest to impress a group of girls in this highly entertaining short.