The Goonies

Fork n’ Film night at Corbett’s!

The Goonies


$50 All Tickets (Includes Four Course Dinner)


This event will take place outdoors at CORBETT’S, 340 N. 6th Ave., Tucson, AZ  85705

Advance tickets must be purchased in-person at Corbett’s or online HERE. Tickets are not available for sale at The Loft Cinema.

Join Corbett’s and The Loft Cinema for Fork & Film- a cozy night of food and movies under the stars! Bring your buddies to Corbett’s, watch one of your favorite movies, and indulge in a delicious 4 course dinner inspired by The Goonies!   So, grab your seat, prepare to shuffle your truffle, and get ready for a cinematic adventure like no other!

MENU: $50 for 4 courses:
Course 1:  Pirate’s Booty Popcorn (sweet & salty mix)
Course 2: Truffle Shuffle Fries (cotija cheese – served with truffle aioli)
Course 3: Chunk’s Pizza Burger (marinara, provolone, basil – served with tots)
Course 4: Rocky Road Soft Serve (choice of vanilla or chocolate – fun toppings)
Featured cocktail: $10 (not included with meal).  Baby Ruth Chocolate Martini

Hey you guuuuyyyssss!  Relive the totally awesome ‘80s adventure that convinced an entire generation of suburban kids that there was buried treasure in their backyards, and that a scary dude named Sloth was really just a fun-loving guy with a thing for Baby Ruths! In this Spielberg-produced action extravaganza, a group of pre-teen friends called The Goonies band together to save their Oregon neighborhood – affectionately dubbed “the Goon Docks” – from being demolished by real estate developers. What they really need in order to save the day is a lot of cash, and lucky for them, they’ve discovered an old treasure map, sparking an adventure to unearth the long-lost fortune of 17th-century pirate One-Eyed Willie. But first they’re going to have to outwit a trio of bumbling criminals and a survive an onslaught of wacked-out booby traps as they get ever closer to Willie’s fabled treasure. It’ll be tough, but “Goonies Never Say Die!” (Dir. by Richard Donner, 1985, USA, 114 min., Rated PG)

1 HR 54 MIN | PG

Released 1985
The Goonies Trailer Trailer
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