The Green Slime

The Green Slime


General Admission: $4 | Loft Members: $3

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The Blacktop Grill food truck will be at The Loft Cinema every Monday from 6pm – 9pm, serving delicious hot dogs, nachos and more!

Blast off into the bad movie cosmos as Mondo Mondays presents 2022: A SPACE TRAVESTY, featuring an entire month’s worth of intergalactic oddities that are really out of this world!

“The Green Slime Are Coming!”  Space Station Gamma 3 is a super swinging interstellar party pad until the scientists on board discover a funky green substance which quickly mutates into an army of clumsy, foam rubber monsters with giant eyeballs, tentacles, and the ability to shoot electricity from their faces.   Soon, it’s an all-out space war as the crew battles to defend their turf from total Green Slime domination.   A kooky sci-fi cult classic with gobs of groovy ‘60s flair, this Japanese/American co-production features American and Italian actors looking completely lost among some of the funniest Japanese monsters of all-time, topped off by an insanely catchy theme song that will never leave your brain. From the director of Battle Royale! (Dir. by Kinji Fukasaku, 1968, Japan/Italy/USA, dubbed in English, 90 mins., Rated G)

1 HR 30 MIN | G

Released 1968
The Green Slime Trailer Trailer
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