The Harvey Girls: Opportunity Bound with producer/editor Thaddeus Homan in person


The Harvey Girls: Opportunity Bound is a new documentary that explores how starting in the 1880’s, over 100,000 brave young women, Harvey Girls as they were called, made an unusual decision to leave home and travel west to work as waitresses along the transcontinental railroad opening the doors of both the West and the workplace to women. In 1946, MGM turned the Harvey Girls into legend when they released the motion picture The Harvey Girls starring Judy Garland. Until now, this fictional Hollywood movie has been the only film to immortalize the Harvey Girls. Opportunity Bound examines this important part of America’s history in much greater depth, and tells the story of the Harvey Girls using the voices of those closest to them, including rare interviews with the few remaining Harvey Girls and author and expert on Fred Harvey, Stephen Fried. In addition, the film explores the life of Fred Harvey and his company which left its mark by not only providing work opportunities for women, but by being among the first companies to promote cultural diversity in the workplace by hiring Hispanic and Native American women to be waitresses along with their Anglo peers. The Harvey Girls, whose workforce continued to flourish until the 1960s, were true pioneers and set a new standard of excellence for women in the workplace, paving the way for generations of independent young women to come. This is their story! (Dir. by Katrina Parks, 2013, 57 mins., Not Rated) Digital

About Thaddeus Homan
Thaddeus Homan has had an extensive career in communication arts, including working for top brand marketing firms and ad agencies. After graduating from the University of Arizona, he moved to San Francisco where he parlayed his degree in marketing and eye for design into a diverse career working for industries ranging from toy manufacturing to international engineering and construction. Producing animation for the web brought a whole new dimension of creativity to his work, which led to a career in film production and editing.  Thaddeus was the co-producer, editor and DP on the 2011 feature film Better than Crazy and has directed music videos for musicians Chuck Prophet and Stephanie Finch.

Keeper of the Mountains, with director Allison Otto in person!
Keeper of the Mountains is a portrait of Elizabeth Hawley and her unlikely key role in the Golden Age of Himalayan mountaineering, her defiance of the traditional gender roles of her day and her decision to settle alone in Kathmandu in 1960, where she has famously lived life on her own terms ever since.
Hawley, 89 and a former journalist, maintains the world’s largest and most treasured archive of Himalayan mountaineering expeditions and her work is trusted by news organizations and publications around the globe.
All this despite never having climbed a mountain herself.
The film is an impressionistic snapshot of her life and the challenges she currently faces as she tries to maintain the mountaineering archives and her independence while dealing with advancing age. (Dir. by Allison Otto, 2013, USA, 25 mins., Not Rated)

Support for this film provided by the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona and the University of Arizona Department of Gender and Women’s Studies