The House I Live In


From acclaimed filmmaker Eugene Jarecki (Why We Fight) comes this powerful, award-winning documentary exposing the monumental failure of our 40-year, trillion dollar war on drugs, which has torn apart communities, consciously targeted minorities, damaged our police forces and turned incarceration into big time American business. Featuring eye-opening interviews with prison guards, judges, cops, The Wire creator/producer David Simon and historian Richard Lawrence Miller, who shows how the persecution of specific drugs goes hand in hand with the persecution of specific racial groups, this vast, moving and revelatory film suggests that our governmental solutions may be the real crime. Comprehensive in scope, heart wrenching in its humanity, and brilliant in its thesis, Jarecki’s new film grabs viewers and shakes them to their core. The House I Live In is not only the definitive cinematic take on the failure of America‚Äôs drug war, its also a masterpiece filled with hope and the potential to effect change.