The Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf


This month, Mondo Mondays proudly celebrates the career of B-movie muscleman, REB BROWN, star of Yor: Hunter from the Future, and so much more. Get ready for way too much screaming, punching and t-shirt tearing!

“Howling II is so absurd, so blissfully clueless that you can’t help but be drawn to it, mostly to see if it can possibly get any goofier than its title would suggest. Guess what? It can, and it does.” – The After Movie Diner

“The Rocking, Shocking New Wave of Horror!” The hot ‘n hairy Howling hijinks continue in this bizarre sequel of hysterically awful proportions that sends Reb Brown and horror legend Christopher Lee on a terror trip to Transylvania to track down a vicious werewolf queen played by Sybil Danning, all in hopes of ending this franchise before it can get any worse! In Howling II: Your Sister’s a Werewolf (Best. Title. Ever.), Reb Brown is Ben White, a consistently befuddled man (and who can blame him?) whose sister abruptly turned into a werewolf and was murdered at the end of the first film. Soon, he’s somehow hooked up with a strange occult investigator named Stefan (played by a slightly embarrassed-looking Christopher Lee, who at one point dresses like a member of Devo), and the two of them are traveling to “the dark country,” a.k.a. Transylvania, to eradicate the evil, leather-n-metal clad, sexually voracious, 10,000-year-old werewolf queen, Stirba (B-movie legend Sybil Danning), before she is restored to her full powers and takes over the world! And that’s just the tip of the “wacko iceberg” when it comes to this movie’s rampaging, random weirdness, which somehow encompasses New Wave punk bands, unsexy werewolf orgies, dog-faced monsters, occult rituals with lots of writhing and mumbling, and a notorious closing credit sequence that must be seen to be disbelieved. Oh brother! Or rather, Oh sister! (Dir. by Philippe Mora, 1985, UK/USA, 91 min., Rated R)