The Hypnotic Eye


Do you dare look into The Hypnotic Eye? Well if you do, you just might be the target audience for this exploitation trash classic featuring a pretentious magician who hypnotizes his victims into lighting their own heads on fire, giving themselves sulfuric acid facials and generally indulging in the kind of self-administered beauty make-overs that only the Marquis De Sade could love. A truly goofy and strangely sicko slice of late ’50 camp cinema, The Hypnotic Eye tells the tawdry tale of a debonair stage hypnotist named Desmond (played by French film star Jacques Bergerac with an accent so thick it’s difficult-to-impossible to understand his hypnotic suggestions) and his glamour-puss assistant Justine (played by the sexy 50 Ft. Woman herself, Allison Hayes) who seem to be involved in a mysterious rash of horrible crimes involving beautiful women compelled into grotesque acts of self-mutilation. As the local police investigate the weird goings-on, all signs seem to point to “The Hypnotic Eye” used in Desmond’s act … a ping pong ball with tiny lights inside that sets off visions of swirling hypno-wheels in the minds of its victims. But is our mad magician really to blame, or is someone else at fault? And if so, maybe they should have picked a different movie to star in …
Filmed in “The Amazing New Audience Thrill, HYPNOMAGIC!,” (a gloriously lame exhibition gimmick which promised to make YOU the “star of the show!” by forcing balloons into the hands of bewildered patrons as they entered the theatre so they could participate in the onscreen stupidity), and featuring several disingenuous warnings about the dangers of allowing oneself to be hypnotized, The Hypnotic Eye is a low-rent horror extravaganza guaranteed to give you pink-eye of the brain. Beware!