The Internet Cat Video Festival 2014


Come early (starting at 5:00pm) and meet cute cats available for adoption from the Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter!

An all-new collection of fabulous feline videos fresh from the internet is coming to The Loft! It’s not about watching cat videos, it’s about watching cat videos together!

The Internet Cat Video Festival is the first celebration of online cat videos. The festival is a live event gathering fellow feline fanatics together to watch a curated collection of cat clips – from six second Vine videos to short films and everything in between – in a social environment.

“It’s the Super Bowl of cat videos!” – Chicago Sun

Following up on the massive success of last year’s festival, this all-new, all-cat-tastic show for 2014 is a true kitty rumpus featuring a fresh selection of hilarious, odd and downright adorable cat clips programmed by Will Braden, creator of the beloved Henri, le Chat Noir videos, and recipient of the festival’s first Golden Kitty People’s Choice Award. Video “Cat-egories” this year include Drama, Comedy, Action/Adventure, Vintage, Musical and Animated, along with a “Special Cat Achievement Award” for Tara the Hero Cat. This show is produced specifically for the festival and is not available online, so make kitty tracks to The Loft and catch The Internet Video Cat Festival while you can! (Approximate Running time: 75 mins., Not Rated)