The Killing of Satan


Things are going to get hotter than hell during HAIL SATAN MONTH at Mondo Mondays, featuring a kooky cauldron of satanic cinema that would entertain the devil himself!

“What Power Should a Man Possess to Challenge the Prince of Darkness?” Satan is apparently alive and well and living in the Philippines, but he’s about to be challenged by a clumsy, mustachioed, jean jacket-wearing dad who just can’t wait to get his hands on the horny hound of hell in this bonkers horror/fantasy hoot featuring kung fu, laser beams, snake men, zombies, naked virgins and cracked Christian subtext.

“Seriously wacky and hard to believe, with energy beams and gore aplenty.” – Spinning Image

The Killing of Satan tells the age-old tale of God vs. Satan via the undoubtedly true story of a mild-mannered family man named Lando who is chosen by his dead zombie uncle (!) to battle the forces of evil, here embodied by a cackling, cape-wearing, plastic pitchfork-wielding weirdo named “The Prince of Magic,” aka SATAN!, who wants to rule the world from his jungle hideaway. And he has the power to do it, what with his uncanny ability to shoot fireworks from his hands, make heads spin clean around and hypnotize the innocent into doing all sorts of ridiculous things (like watching this movie)! At first, Lando is hesitant to take on the devil, but when his petulant daughter is kidnapped by the great evil one and added to his hellish collection of naked virgins kept in a bamboo cage, Lando decides to go all Charles Bronson on his demonic butt, leading to an outrageously incoherent, mercifully fast-paced psychedelic blast of gory absurdity. An epic comic book-style adventure packed with grand intentions and even grander hilarity (just try and keep a straight face when a man is crushed into a bloody pulp beneath a rolling boulder, all except for his head, which continues to calmly hold a discussion with another man), The Killing of Satan is a real “what were they thinking” extravaganza from the director of Blind Rage. “You’re yellow, Satan! Come out and fight!” (Dir. by Efren C. Pinon, 1983, Philippines, badly dubbed in English, 90 mins., Rated R)