The Lavender Scare


Government persecution shattered lives but ignited a movement for LGBTQ rights.

In person: Lavender Scare filmmaker Josh Howard

The Lavender Scare documents the vicious “witch hunt” begun in the ’50’s (and lasting for decades) to purge the federal government of workers suspected of being homosexual. The Lavender Scare shows how tens of thousands of gay and lesbian Americans were interrogated, lost jobs and careers.The actions of the government stirred a sense of outrage and activism that helped ignite the movement for LGBTQ+ rights. Interviews with key figures in the social justice campaign tell the story in dramatic fashion. In so doing, the documentary preserves a long lost part of Cold War history.

Josh Howard is an Emmy-award winning 60 Minutes producer. Readers of dialogue include Cynthia Nixon, Zachary Quinto, T.R. Knight and David Hyde Pierce. The Lavender Scare has received 20 awards at festivals throughout the country. For info and trailer visit

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