The Legend of Bobby Bird: Carson Mell Short Films and Book Reading


Arizona native Carson Mell moved to Los Angeles, CA eleven years ago to work in film and television. But he’d only lived there for three years when nostalgia for his home state inspired him to create Bobby Bird, an aging classic rockstar with the same Arizona origins as himself. Since then, Carson has completed four short films and a novel starring the wilted Zonie rocker. While the novel, Saguaro, was self-published in 2006, this October it was re-released as an e-book by Electric Literature. This “Bobby Bird” program brings together all four of the Bobby Bird short films and features Carson reading in character from a the novel Saguaro, accompanied by 8mm footage shot by his father while he was living in New York in the 1960’s.

Carson Mell’s Saguaro chronicles the life of rock legend Bobby Bird through fist fights, drug binges, satanic cults, true love, selling out, and coming back.
VICE Magazine says, “[Bobby Bird] has lived enough lives and wild times for a couple Willie Nelsons and maybe one Mick Jagger.”
Like Bob Dylan’s Chronicles Volume One, Patti Smith’s Just Kids, and Keith Richards’ Life, Saguaro allows us to look behind the curtain of celebrity. Because it’s an American tradition to carefully observe the legends of our time, to live vicariously through the adventures of our heroes. Just like the paths of all those who live fast and hard, Bobby’s path is one better experienced second-hand, beset, as it is, on all sides by drugs, dangerous women, and fisticuffs. Now if Bobby teaches us one thing, it’s that we can learn from our mistakes, and fortunately he’s made enough to fill a textbook.

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