The Midwife


Two of French cinema’s biggest stars shine in this touching dramatic comedy about unlikely friendships, forgiveness and the need for change. Claire (ten-time César Award nominee Catherine Frot, Marguerite) is a wonderfully gifted midwife, with a natural talent for delivering babies, whose sense of pride and responsibility clash with the more efficiency-driven methods of modern hospitals.

“Never a dull moment, thanks to the stellar performances by the two Catherines.” – Kristen Yoonsoo Kim, Village Voice

One day she receives a strange phone call, a voice from the past. Béatrice (legendary actress Catherine Deneuve), the extravagant and frivolous mistress of her deceased father, has important and pressing news and wants to see her again, 30 years after having disappeared without a trace. Claire is nonplussed—Beatrice’s disappearance so long ago wrought havoc in her life at the time—but nevertheless she agrees to meet. The two are polar opposites, yet the over-conscientious Claire and the free-spirit, life-loving Béatrice will learn to accept one another and, by revealing old secrets, will start to make up for lost years. Written and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Martin Provost (Séraphine, Violette).  (Dir. by Martin Provost, 2017, France, in French with English subtitles, 117 mins., Not Rated)