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The Neverending Story


This beloved ‘80s fantasy film is a grand adventure set in a magical world where the greatest power is imagination.

The Neverending Story remains a wonderful testament to the power of imagination and the type of inventive cinema that was possible in a pre-digital era.” – Thomas Caldwell, Cinema Autopsy

One day while playing hooky, shy schoolboy Bastian Bux wanders into a strange bookstore and discovers a novel called The Neverending Story. As he reads the book, he becomes so consumed in the unfolding tale that he escapes reality (and the bullies who torment him) when he finds himself catapulted into the land of Fantasia himself. Soon he’s drawn into an incredible world of Rock Biters and Luck Dragons, Swamps of Sadness and a destructive force called The Nothing that threatens to destroy the entire kingdom of Fantasia. Delving into the story of the brave young warrior Atreyu, the timid Bastian discovers that he may actually hold the key to rescuing Fantasia. Can Bastian save his new friends and return to his own world? Based on the classic novel by Michael Ende, and filled with startling pre-CGI effects and elaborate puppetry work, The Neverending Story spawned two sequels and stands today as a thrilling, out-of-this-world adventure tale fueled by the power of reading and dreaming. (Dir. by Wolfgang Peterson, 1984, USA/Germany, 102 mins., Rated PG)