Free Outdoor Screening at the UA!



This screening will take place outdoors on the Highland Bowl on the University of Arizona campus, 1224 E. Lowell St., on the Northwest corner of Highland and 6th Street.

The Purple Tree Organic Acai food truck will be on-site from 8:30pm – 11:00pm.

Presented by Cats After Dark and UA Campus Health Service.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Dunder Mifflin at this special outdoor binge watch event, featuring five of the best episodes of the hit TV comedy, The Office, played back-to-back and projected on The Loft Cinema’s giant inflatable solar cinema screen! This is a great event for UA students, and is also open to the general public. Free popcorn for CatCard holders.  That’s what she said!

“”You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” -Wayne Gretzky” – Michael Scott

For nine hilarious seasons, The Office took a documentary-style look all the corporate foolishness of the 9-to-5 world at the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Who can forget Michael (Steve Carell), “The World’s Greatest Boss” and the master of the inappropriate comment; the uptight Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and his constantly-thwarted power plays: Jim’s (John Krasinksi) pranks; Andy’s (Ed Helms) struggles with anger management, and of course, Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim’s ever-evolving romance? And don’t forget all the cubicle-crazed hijinks of the entire Dundler Mifflin staff; Stanley, Kevin, Angela, Phyllis, Kate, Creed, Oscar, Ryan, Kelly, etc. So grab a jelly donut and a stale cup of coffee and get ready to enjoy the Emmy-winning The Office, a genuinely funny comedy classic that stays funny no matter how much you watch it! (Total program running time: approximately 120 mins., Not Rated)

Stress Relief Part 1 (Season 5, Episode 14) – Dwight’s too-realistic fire alarm gives Stanley a heart attack.  When he returns, Michael learns that he is the cause of Stanley’s stress.  To remedy the situation, he forces the office to throw a roast for him.

The Injury (Season 2, Episode 12) – Michael’s “injury” from a George Foreman Grill distracts the staff from Dwight, the one with the real injury.

Dinner Party (Season 4, Episode 13) – Michael invites Jim, Pam, Angela and Andy to a couples-only dinner party, which makes Dwight jealous.   However, the only thing he’s missing is a ringside seat to witness Michael and Jan’s extremely dysfunctional home life.

Scott’s Tots (Season 6, Episode 12) – 10 years ago, Michael promised a group of 3rd graders he would pay for their college tuition if they graduated.   Now comes time to pay, and he can’t do it.  At the office, Dwight’s “Employee of the Month” idea gets Jim in big trouble.

Casino Night (Season 2, Episode 22) – The Dunder Mifflin crew holds a casino party at the warehouse and Michael has two dates.