The Poseidon Adventure New Year’s Eve Party!


Passengers will be invited to “embark” at 11:00pm and enjoy light pre-cruise hors d’oeuvres while listening to groovy ‘70s tunes on the main deck and entering our free raffle for fabulous ‘70s-inspired prizes. Disco Decade attire is suggested, and a special prize will be awarded for Best ‘70s Outfit as determined by The Loft crew and your fellow passengers.
Then strap on your life jacket and settle into your deck chair for a special big-screen showing of the granddaddy of all ‘70s disaster cult classics, The Poseidon Adventure! This all-star, Oscar-winning (but still hilarious) 1972 blockbuster, starring Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Shelly Winters, Stella Stevens and virtually every other actor from the Decade of Decadence, tells the terrifying tale of a tipsy cruise ship, the S.S. Poseidon, that flips upside down one fateful New Year’s Eve, causing major problems for its perplexed passengers and extreme entertainment for those watching the movie!
The screening will be timed so that viewers AND the actors on screen will celebrate midnight at the EXACT SAME TIME (party hats and noisemakers will be provided), so the film will begin at approximately 11:40 p.m. After the film, stick around and bond with your fellow survivors as we sing-a-long with the movie’s Oscar-winning theme song, “The Morning After.” Get set to flip out at the soggiest cinematic New Year’s Eve party in town! Book your passage now … (Dir. by Ronald Neame, 1972, US, 117 min., Rated PG) HD Digital