The Raid: Redemption


A lid-flipping kinetic blast, this brutal martial arts flick from Indonesia proves you don’t need huge budgets or CGI to craft a killer action film. Writer-director Gareth Evans’s (Merantau) plot turns on a fiendishly simple hook: a SWAT team mounts an assault on a mob-controlled high rise apartment building, only to meet with heavy resistance from the machete-wielding tenants as they ascend floor-by-floor. From this bare bones story comes an avalanche of ridiculously over-the-top, ever-escalating carnage that Evans and star/action choreographer Iko Uwais unleash with gleeful fury in virtually every inch of this claustrophobic, cramped location. From nearly the first frame until the very last, The Raid: Redemption never stops moving, achieving a state of pure delirium and perpetual motion as blood is spilled, heads are busted and total action flick perfection is achieved. (Dir. by Gareth Evans, 2012, Indonesia, in Indonesian with subtitles, 100 mins., Rated R) Digital