The Raiders of Atlantis


It’s MONDO ITALIANO MONTH at Monday Mondays, featuring a hilarious heaping helping of bad movie pasta from Italy, served up with an extra sprinkling of cheese!

“An epic adventure beyond the edge of time!” After a group of bumbling scientists unearth an ancient Atlantean relic while trying to raise a sunken nuclear submarine, the supposedly Lost Continent of Atlantis rises from the depths in the Caribbean, and the pissed-off punk rock Atlanteans, led by their crazed ruler, Crystal Skull, set out to kill everyone in sight.

“An utterly unhinged spectacle! It’s one of the wackiest Italian exploitation efforts of all time. Strap yourselves in for a wild ride.” – Spinning Image

As a rag-tag group of survivors fend off the murderous Road Warrior rejects, it’s up to two grizzled Vietnam vets and a female scientist to uncover the secret of Atlantis, stop the madness, and save the world! An ultra-gory, disco-themed, mystical, post-apocalyptic sci-fi, action, jungle, horror adventure like no other (expect for the multitude of ‘80s American genre flicks it gleefully rips off), The Raiders of Atlantis is hilariously chaotic Italian sleaze cinema done right, with famed Italian Z-movie director Ruggero Deodato (Cannibal Holocaust) literally throwing anything and everything against the bad movie wall to see what sticks … and then picking up the fallen pieces and throwing them again. (Dir. by Ruggero Deodato, 1983, Italy, badly dubbed in English, 92 mins., Not Rated)

Mondo Mondays RAFFLE 2018

VH-YES! Each month at Mondo Mondays in 2018 we’ll be holding a free raffle for an exclusive, one-of-a-kind prize: an old-school VHS case with original Mondo Mondays cover art designed by Tucson artist Ben Mackey! There’ll be new cover art every month, and each case will include a fabulous mystery VHS tape! Collect ‘em all! You must attend EVERY Mondo movie of the month in order to enter, and only one lucky winner will be selected at the final screening of each month. A special punch card will be provided to keep track of your attendance. And remember … please be kind and rewind.