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The Road Movie


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A fascinating mosaic of asphalt adventures, landscape photography, and some of the craziest action ever captured on film, Dmitrii Kalashnikov’s The Road Movie is a stunning compilation of absurd and frightening real-life video footage shot exclusively via dashboard cameras in Russian automobiles.

“It’s impossible to avert your gaze – though sometimes you may wish you had.” – Dennis Harvey, Variety

Alongside a series of bizarre car accidents on the country’s roads, the dashboard cameras also capture other spectacles through the windshield, such as a hysterical wedding guest, a confused man and a horse-drawn sleigh. More than once, angry motorists take road rage to new levels of insanity, brandishing axes, pistols or sledgehammers at the camera, and at times the camera itself seems to come to life, when it is chucked out of the car or stolen by someone breaking in. The footage of spectacular trips through a forest fire, tall snowdrifts or flooded streets is almost poetic – and what’s that up there in the sky? Is it a plane crashing, or could it be a comet? Bemused commentary from unseen and often stoic drivers and passengers or the sound of the car radio provides unintentionally comical moments. Would someone please call 911? (Dir. by Dimitri Kalashnikov, 2016, Belarus, in Russian with English subtitles, 67 mins., Not Rated)