The Road Warrior


Widely considered to be one of the best action movies of all time, this high-octane sequel to the original Aussie cult flick Mad Max features a leather-clad Mel Gibson battling hords of post-apocalyptic desert punks while scouring the highways for precious gasoline. Once hell-bent for revenge (for the murder of his family in the first film), in The Road Warrior, the now-weatherbeaten Max is merely looking to survive amidst a dire gas shortage, dogged by the fearsome post-nuke freak The Humungus and his motley crew of vicious mohawked wasteoids. Suddenly, our lone wolf hero of the wasteland finds himself defending the last outpost of untarnished humanity, and even offering protection to a boomerang-wielding feral child. What follows is arguably the single greatest chase/fight/stunt extravaganza ever captured on film, with more acrobatically choreographed car-flipping, motorcycle-exploding and stuntman-smashing than a whole decade’s worth of American action blockbusters, all directed with manic comic-strip glee by George Miller. The future may not be pretty, but end-of-the-world annihilation was never quite as much fun as it was in The Road Warrior. (Dir. by George Miller, 1982, Australia, 94 mins., Rated R) Digital