The Singin’ in the Rain Sing-A-Long!


What a glorious feeling to be singing-a-long to one of the happiest, splashiest, most unforgettable Hollywood musicals of all-time, Singin’ in the Rain! Join the party as Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Arthur O’Connnor sing and dance their way through an umbrella-full of hilarious hijinks and classic tunes, including Good Morning, Make ‘em Laugh and of course, that beloved title song, all with onscreen lyrics so you won’t be left out in the rain! Goodie bags filled with props and surprises to use throughout the movie will also be provided to bring in the fun the whole night through! So put a smile on your face and walk down the lane with a happy refrain at the Singin’ in the Rain Sing-A-Long!

“Is this really the greatest Hollywood musical ever made? In a word, yes.” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

Singin’ in the Rain, a pure blast of cinematic fun, is set in 1927 Tinseltown, as silent films are nervously making way for the talkies. The great Gene Kelly plays matinee idol Don Lockwood, as good with the ol’ soft shoe as he is with a swashbuckler’s sword, and whose motto is “Dignity, always dignity,” despite a background of menial and demeaning jobs. Jean Hagen is hilarious as the vain, jealous Lina Lamont, Lockwood’s obnoxious onscreen love interest, whose strangulated shriek of a speaking voice bodes ill for her career in “talking pictures.” Ducking out on his leading lady, Lockwood accidentally encounters a bright-eyed stage actress (a spunky 19-year-old Debbie Reynolds) whom he instantly falls for, and much romantic misunderstanding, cake throwing, and memorable music-making ensue, including Donald O’Connor’s mind-bogglingly acrobatic Make ‘em Laugh and Kelly’s rapturous, rain-soaked performance of the title number, still one of the big screen’s most magical musical moments. (Dir. by Stanley Donen, 1952, USA, 103 mins., Not Rated)