The Slumber Party Massacre

The Slumber Party Massacre


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Mondo Mondays celebrates the late, great King of the B’s, ROGER CORMAN, with a month-long movie menu featuring some of the legendary director/producer’s tastiest trash epics!  Thank you, Mr. Corman, for making the world so much more Mondo. 

“The only way to learn how to make a low-budget film is to make a low-budget film.” – Roger Corman

“Close your eyes for a second … and sleep forever!” Written by Rita Mae Brown as a feminist satire of ‘80s slasher flicks, but shot as a bona fide horror flick by director Amy Holden Jones, The Slumber Party Massacre, from Corman’s New World Pictures, is a terrific inside joke that also delivers the terror goods as a funny, bloody and subversive grindhouse version of Halloween. An escaped mental patient with an over-sized power drill (paging Dr. Freud!) decides to crash a high school slumber party, and all the girls are like, totally freaking out – but also kicking some major butt – as they rock the perfect sleepwear, outlast the boys (well, some of them do, anyway) and turn the tables on their terrorizer. But who will survive to tell the tale at school on Monday?  Starring Brinke Stevens (Teenage Exorcist), Michele Michaels (Death Wish 4: The Crackdown) and Robin Stille (Vampire Knights), this is a cheesy and fun drop-dead masterpiece of oddball trash-horror produced by Roger Corman, who went on to produce two more films in the series, in the process making horror movie history with the first-ever horror series to be entirely written and directed by women.  But perhaps most importantly, The Slumber Party Massacre is the film that finally answers the burning question: is it OK to eat pizza off the mutilated body of a dead delivery guy? (Dir. by Amy Holden Jones, 1982, USA, 78 mins., Rated R)

1 HR 18 MIN | R

Released 1982
The Slumber Party Massacre Trailer Trailer
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