The Source Family


The Source Family was a radical experiment in way-out ‘70s commune living, featuring a psychedelic rock band, beautiful young people, an organic vegetarian restaurant favored by musicians and movie stars, and a charismatic, white-bearded leader named “Father Yod.” The 150 members of this “Aquarian tribe” were deeply devoted to Yod, a controversial restaurateur-turned-spiritual leader with fourteen wives and his own trippy rock band, YaHoWha 13. The Family lived in a Hollywood Hills mansion paid for by the earnings from their successful organic vegetarian Source Restaurant on the Sunset Strip. Their outlandish lifestyle, popular celebrity-hangout restaurant, rock band, and beautiful women made them the darlings of Hollywood, but their outsider ideals led to their exile – and ultimately, a perfect storm of jealously, tragedy, betrayal and trouble with the authorities led to their dramatic demise. Serving as a highly personal insider’s guide to the ‘70s counter-culture movement, the new documentary The Source Family provides an intimate, insightful and compelling look at this mind-blowing group of people through never-before-seen archival photos, home movies, audio recordings, and interviews with surviving members who reveal how their time with Father Yod shaped their lives in the most unexpected ways. (Dir. by Maria Demopoulos & Jodi Wille, 2012, USA, 98 mins., Not Rated, Drag City) Digital