The Texas Chainsaw Massacre / New 40th Anniversary Digital Restoration!


The family that slays together stays together in this all-time terror classic that asked the burning question, “Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them?” In 1974, writer/producer/director Tobe Hooper unleashed the low-budget scream-fest The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a nightmarish tale about a group of five young friends who decide to visit their late grandfather’s abandoned farmhouse in rural Texas, only to be hunted and terrorized by a chainsaw-wielding lunatic named Leatherface and his depraved family of grave-robbing, slaughterhouse-owning, barbeque-loving cannibals! Gritty, gruesome and downright terrifying (with plenty of nasty, pitch black humor to help fortify the scares), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remains unequaled as a landmark of outlaw filmmaking and unparalleled in its impact as one of the most frightening motion picture ever made, going on to spawn sequels, remakes, one prequel, comic books and even a video game. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of this beloved horror classic, Dark Sky Films presents the original film digitally restored from an all-new 4k scan authorized by director Tobe Hooper and featuring a dynamic new 7.1 surround sound mix. (Dir. by Tobe Hooper, 1974, USA, 83 mins., Rated R, Dark Sky Films) Digital