The Thieves


Bullets fly, barbs are traded and old scores are settled when a Korean master criminal and his crew hightail it to Hong Kong to join his treacherous former partner on a $20 million jewel heist, in this full-throttle, high-octane comedy/thriller from South Korean action director Choi Dong-hoon (The Big Swindle, Tazza: The High Rollers). Five master thieves at the top of their respective games are reassembled into a group for their biggest job yet, and it’s sure to be the score of their lives – if they can pull it off and avoid being double-crossed by the evil criminal mastermind who has tricked them once before. Popie (Jung Jae-Lee) is the muscle and brains; Pepsee (Hye-su Kim) is the safecracker. Yenicall (Giann Jun) climbs walls, Zampano (Soo Hyun Kim) is the strategy man, and Chewingum (Hae-suk Kim) is the master of disguise. But their new score – it’s hot. Maybe too hot. The job: to steal a $20-million yellow diamond called the “Tear of the Sun” from a high-security casino. The challenge: the vault is impenetrable, the location is swarming with cops, and everyone knows there’s no honor among thieves. The elaborate plan requires each member of the team to play a crucial role. But as the stakes rise ever higher and everyone tries to work their own angle, only one thing is certain – everything that can go wrong will go wrong. (Dir. by Dong-hoon Choi, 2012, South Korea, in English, Japanese, Korean & Mandarin with subtitles, 136 min., Not Rated, Well Go Entertainment) HD Digital Presentation