The Time Machine / Science on Screen Jr.


In this thrilling adaptation of H.G. Wells’ classic novel, from ‘50s sci-fi director extraordinaire George Pal (War of the Worlds), a young scientist named George (Rod Taylor) becomes fascinated with the concept of time travel, and sets out to make his very own time machine. On December 31, 1899, George blasts off in his jerry-built time hopper and experiences a fantastic cavalcade of dangerous adventures from which he narrowly escapes before accidentally landing (somewhat worse for the wear) in the year 802,701. In this far-flung future, George observes a seemingly idyllic world populated by gentle people. But he also notices that the citizens of the future, known as “Elois,” behave more like mindless sheep than human beings. Befriending the lovely Weena (Yvette Mimieux), George learns to his dismay that humankind has forgotten all that it has learned through the centuries, preferring instead to frolic endlessly under the sun. And when he discovers that the friendly Elois are being terrorized by a monstrous race of brutal (and very hairy!) creatures known as the “Morlocks,” he is swept up into a battle for survival as he tries to help his new friends conquer their evil oppressors. But will he ever be able to return to his own time in his damaged time machine?