The Tingler

Wednesday, June 24 at 7:00pm | Regular admission prices

Presented in electrifying PERCEPTO! You too will feel every shocking sensation! Guarantee: The Tingler will break loose in the theatre while YOU are in the audience!

Part of our month-long series Summer Camp presents: The Films of William Castle. Every Wednesday in June – each film will be presented with its original exhibition gimmick! Click here for the schedule.

“The Tingler is in the theater!” William Castle’s weirdo masterpiece of the macabre stars the great Vincent Price as a deranged scientist who discovers a lobster-like creature dubbed “The Tingler” living inside the spine of every human. The freaky parasite feeds on human fear, and if left unchecked, it can grow to monstrous proportions and cause instant death.

“A camp cult classic… ingeniously ludicrous and clearly the work of a sick mind.” – Time Out Film Guide

Price’s theory is that only the human host’s screams can weaken and paralyze The Tingler. After surgically removing one from a victim for testing, the good doctor takes a massive LSD trip in order to induce nightmares (for research purposes only, of course!), but things quickly spiral out of control when the beast escapes to terrorize a crowded movie theater and Price must put his theory to the test in order to stop the madness. But can The Tingler truly be conquered? Castle’s wildly inventive B-movie, aside from being the very first film to use LSD as a plot device, was originally presented with the thrilling new screen gimmick, “Percepto,” whereby theater patrons were administered nasty buzzer shocks in their seats, to simulate the monster’s attack. The result, of course, was giddy insanity, as Price’s voice frantically urges patrons to “scream for your lives!” Throw in one of the beloved actor’s most deliciously over-the-top performances and a shocking, blood-tinged color sequence in an otherwise black-and-white film, and you have a truly one-of-a-kind camp classic. (Dir. by William Castle, 1959, USA, 82 mins., Not Rated)