The Trapped in the Closet Sing-A-Long!

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Alternately referred to as a magnum opus and the Plan 9 From Outer Space of music videos, R. Kelly’s whacked-out “hip hopera” Trapped in the Closet is a seriously hilarious cult classic comprised of an increasingly bizarre series of video shorts (with all dialogue sung not spoken), strung together to tell a rhyming tale of melodramatic madness. The legendary R&B crooner himself tackles the role of Sylvester, a regular guy who indulges in a simple one-night stand with a preacher’s wife (we’ve ALL been there …), an act of indiscretion which naturally snowballs into an avalanche of flamboyant lies, absurd characters (including stuttering pimps and tiny asthmatic male strippers!), misplaced condoms and some really brutal green screen action. Since premiering in 2005, there have been numerous chapters in the Trapped saga, each more mesmerizing than the last, and at the Trapped in the Closet Sing-A-Long you can live the R. Kelly lifestyle by singing and dancing along with a specially subtitled version of the entire pumped up R&B epic. But that’s not all! Before we unleash Trapped in the Closet, we’ll also dive into R. Kelly’s catalogue of incredible music videos so you can sing and dance along with Bump ‘N Grind, Sex Me, Ignition (yes, the remix), Step in the Name of Love, and more.
Brought to you by the Action Pack, the group made famous by creating dozens of interactive events for the Alamo Drafthouse, this hot-n-sweaty Sing-A-Long extravaganza is guaranteed to turn the entire theatre into a full on dance party of grinding awesomeness! Your mind may be telling you, “No,” but your body … your body is telling you “YeeeEEEEEEsssssSSS!” Go ahead and give into that impulse, girl, and get ready for a crazed night of whacked life lessons and sizzlin’ hot jams as we all jump in the closet with R. Kelly. (Approximate running time: 120 min., Not Rated) HD Digital Presentation