The Vagrant


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“He’s NOT home alone.” Bill Paxton flips out and experiences the ultimate yuppie nightmare when a crazed vagrant invades his new home and makes his life a living hell in this literally insane black comedy horror film shot in Phoenix, AZ!

“Crazy, offbeat and funny. Check this out if you’re in the mood for something more than a little out there.” – Arrow in the Head Reviews

Ambitious, uptight young executive Graham (Paxton, in a full-tilt, full-freak-out performance) has plotted out every move of his life and career. What he DIDN’T plan on was a creepy vagrant (Marshall Bell, Total Recall) living directly across the street from his new home. And when the mysterious man sneaks into Graham’s home and starts playing sick mind games, Graham loses his cool and decides to take matters into his own hands, at which point the murderous hijinks begin. As the body count rises, a nutty, trigger-happy detective (Michael Ironside, Starship Troopers) begins to suspect Graham may actually be responsible for the carnage and stays hot on the trail while Graham hits the highway to wage war on the vagrant, who is clearly robbing him of his sanity … and quite possibly his life. A seriously odd combo of black comedy and gory horror that’s actually both funny AND scary (not to mention highly unpredictable and filled with “what the hell’s going on?” moments), The Vagrant is a weird blast of B-movie nuttiness and real estate terror that will make you think twice before buying a home! (Dir. by Chris Walas, 1992, USA, 91 mins., Rated R)