This One’s for the Ladies

*This film is rated NC-17. No one under 18 will be admitted.

Every Thursday night, hundreds of women gather for a potluck celebration and the chance to throw singles at the hottest dancers in New Jersey, The Nasty Boyz—featuring Satan, Mr. Capable, Sweet Tea, Poundcake, Fever, Young Rider and lesbian ‘dom’ dancer, Blaze.

“So unabashedly sex-positive you just might want to find the closest all-male revue.” – Katie Walsh, Los Angeles Times

This One’s for the Ladies isn’t just about the tips or the dancing. It’s a heartwarming story of friendship and the resilience that comes from the community. Hilarious, eye-opening, and breathtakingly sexy, This One’s for the Ladies is a virtual how-to guide for letting go of your troubles and having a good time. (Dir. by Gene Graham, 2018, USA, 82 mins., Rated NC-17)