“Hot! Reckless! Totally Insane!”

Hey dudes, this one’s like, totally tasty. All that Valley Boy Corey Webster (former Goonies bad boy Josh Brolin!) wants out of life is to ride his sweet skateboard in peace with his Valley pals “The Ramp Locals.” At least that’s the plan until he falls in love with a bitchin’ blonde babe whose brother Tommy is the leader of the gnarly rival outlaw skate gang, The Daggers, at which point things are gonna get REALLY intense! You know, like “intense” in the bad way, that way that leads to a brutal skateboarding showdown and a bunch of other intense stuff. This mid-‘80s time capsule of a teen trend-sploitation flick features just about everything you could possibly want in a teen romance/skateboarding flick from 1986 … checkered Vans, skater dudes in multi-colored jammer shorts riding “virgin ramps” in slo-mo, weird-n-trendy “Valley Speak,” girls in high-waisted white bikinis galloping down the beach, wild parking lot parties with lots of yelling, gratuitous white guy breakdancing, musical performances from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Circle Jerks, and even an instructional on how to turn a boring car into a majorly exciting Cabriolet! Oh yeah, and lots and lots of wicked cool skateboarding. ’80s heartthrob and future Oscar-nominee Brolin does his best to try and out-act his skateboard, and while he may not exactly win the battle, he definitely goes down “Thrashin’”!!!! (Dir. by David Winters, 1986, 93 mins., Rated PG-13) Digital