Through These Gates


Through These Gates follows several individuals associated with the University of Nebraska football community throughout their different life lessons. The roster includes Jan Berringer, the mother of the beloved star quarterback Brooke Berringer who passed away two days before the 1996 NFL Draft. Charlie McBride, one of the best Defensive Coordinators in Cornhusker history who secretly gave away game winning footballs to Husker fans throughout the country. Jason Peter, a former defensive end Husker player who battled drug addiction during his post NFL career. Jack Hoffman, a seven-year-old pediatric cancer patient who gets to live his dream and suit up with the Cornhusker team. Clayton Anderson, the first and only NASA Astronaut that hails from Nebraska. These stories are truly remarkable. The loyalty and sincerity that fans produce on screen show the true meaning of pride. Through These Gates examines true sportsmanship from a genuine community. It’s not just a film about watching football. It’s a film about people needing each other. (Dir. by Ryan Tweedy, 2013, USA 86 mins., Not Rated)