monday, JULY 29 at 8:00pm | GENERAL ADMISSION: $4 • LOFT MEMBERS: $3

Mondo Mondays celebrates the Best of All Howards, CLINT HOWARD, and it’s going to get a little weird up in here!

“They Breed. They Hatch. They Kill.” A bunch of troubled city kids are shipped off to the woods to get down with nature, only to run smack dab into the middle of mutant tick party that’s going to take the phrase “This Sucks!” to whole new levels of literalness.

Ticks is a lot of fun … a gooey, gory good time, with lots of monster mayhem and sly humor.” – DVD Talk

Watch in awe as an early-‘90s dream cast is forced to bludgeon, dismember and dynamite their way through a gory minefield of rampaging ticks, redneck hicks (whose brilliant plan to grow marijuana in the middle of nowhere using herbal steroids to accelerate plant growth inadvertently spawns the oversized freaks of the title) and horror movie kicks (gotta love that extremely gooey, over-the-top finale)! Starring Seth Green (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) as a nervous nerd-turned-hero, Alfonso Ribeiro (“Carlton” from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) as a shades-wearing bad seed named Panic, (“See, they call me Panic ‘cause I never do!”), and the ever-amazing, ever-odd Clint Howard, as a fun-loving redneck who helpfully tells a giant tick, “Dude, you’re all messed up.”   Don’t forget to bring your own tick collar. (Dir. by Tony Randel, 1993, USA, 85 mins., Rated R)