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Tiger Stripes


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Winner!  Critics’ Week Grand Prize, Cannes Film Festival 2023

This wildly original debut from Malaysian director Amanda Nell Eu brilliantly captures the intensity and terror that puberty can be for a young girl through a tale of mystical transformation. The first among her tight-knit group of friends to hit puberty, 12-year-old Zaffan (Zafreen Zairizal) can feel her body changing. In the small rural village in Malaysia where her life is structured around the strict rhythms of school and the rules of Muslim faith, this could become a problem … a terrifying problem. Soon, a panic spreads across town. A monster is rumored to be roaming the woods. Zaffan, further ostracized by her peers for her nascent otherness, is pushed to the brink. She resorts to a radical solution: to accept the woman she is becoming and to embrace the animal within… and without.  The first Malaysian film to win the Grand Prize at Cannes’ Critics’ Week, Tiger Stripes is a delightful addition to the canon of feminist, body-horror-tinged coming-of-age films. (Dir. by Amanda Nell Eu, 2023, Malaysia, in Malay with English subtitles, 95 mins., Not Rated)

Other festivals: Cannes, Munich, Fantasia

1 HR 35 MIN | NR

Released 2023
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