Too Late to Die Young


The year 1990 was when Chile transitioned to democracy, but all of that seems a world away for 16-year-old Sofía, who lives far off the grid in an isolated mountain enclave of artists and bohemians.

“Captain Fantastic meets Lucrecia Martel in a stunning tale of growing up in small moments.” – Eric Kohn, IndieWire

Too Late to Die Young takes place during the hot, languorous days between Christmas and New Year’s Day, when the troubling realities of the adult world – and the elemental forces of nature – begin to intrude on her teenage idyll. As Sofía and her friends – 16-year-old Lucas and 10-year-old Clara – prepare for the big New Year’s Eve party, they struggle with parents, first loves and fears, as well as the joys and heartaches of plunging headlong into an unknown future. Shot in dreamily diaphanous, sun-splashed images and set to period-perfect pop, this hypnotically beautiful feature from Dominga Sotomayor Castillo (Thursday Till Sunday), one of Latin American cinema’s most artful and distinctive voices, is at once nostalgic and piercing, a portrait of a young woman—and a country—on the cusp of exhilarating and terrifying change. Produced by Call Me by Your Name producer Rodrigo Teixeira. (Dir. by Dominga Sotomayor Castillo, 2018, Chile/Brazil/Argentina/Netherlands/Qatar, in Spanish with English subtitles, 110 mins., Not Rated). Other festivals: Locarno, NY, Toronto | Arizona Premiere