Mark your calendars, because July is TRASHY TIME TRAVEL month at Mondo Mondays, featuring an endless array of time-tripping B-movies that will take you back to the future … and beyond!

“Jack Deth is back … and he’s never even been here before!” A hard-boiled detective from the future chases his nemesis back in time to ‘80s L.A., where the battle to stop a zombie mystic from changing history begins … and somehow involves future Oscar-winner Helen Hunt! B-movie maestro Charles Band (Parasite, Metalstorm) mashes Blade Runner, The Terminator and Jingle All the Way together for this highly-entertaining low-budget hoot of a sci-fi adventure, the first in the long-running Trancers franchise.

“Highly entertaining … an enjoyably cheesy sci-fi gem.”- Den of Geek!

Trancers begins in Los Angeles in the year 2247, when enforcer Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson, Near Dark) has just retired from the weekly grind after vanquishing villain Martin Whistler and his roving, zombie-esque cohorts, called “Trancers.” But Whistler and his Trancers have just managed to go back in time to Christmas 1985, with the insidious plan of exterminating the ruling council of 2247 by killing off all the council members’ ancestors. So Deth agrees to go back in time to get Whistler and the Trancers all over again. But to do so, he must transfer his memory into the body of one of his ancestors, who in this case has just had an erotic interlude with the feisty Leena (a young Helen Hunt, in her leading role debut), who works as a Santa’s elf at a shopping mall. Deth discovers that Whistler has taken over the body of the police inspector and has started transforming the Los Angeles population into Trancers – including Santa Claus! With Leena’s not-always-helpful help, Deth sets out to even the score and keep history on track! A fun and imaginative sci-fi comedy/thriller with a film noir edge, Trancers is an unexpected treat that somehow manages to overcome its own cheapo production values to deliver the goods. (Dir. by Charles Band, 1984, USA, 76 mins., Rated PG-13)

Mondo Mondays RAFFLE 2018

VH-YES! Each month at Mondo Mondays in 2018 we’ll be holding a free raffle for an exclusive, one-of-a-kind prize: an old-school VHS case with original Mondo Mondays cover art designed by Tucson artist Ben Mackey! There’ll be new cover art every month, and each case will include a fabulous mystery VHS tape! Collect ‘em all! You must attend EVERY Mondo movie of the month in order to enter, and only one lucky winner will be selected at the final screening of each month. A special punch card will be provided to keep track of your attendance. And remember … please be kind and rewind.