Trouble Every Day


This film is Rated NC-17. No one 17 or under will be admitted.

Claire Denis’ controversial “love story” Trouble Every Day is an erotically outré shocker that scandalized arthouses around the world. Vincent Gallo (Brown Bunny) and Béatrice Dalle (Betty Blue) star as unfortunates who are afflicted with a strange condition that turns sexual hunger into, literally, hunger for flesh. Shane (Gallo), is an American scientist honeymooning in Paris. His highly unusual desires and ulterior motives bring him into the orbit of Coré (Dalle), a mysteriously seductive and dangerous woman, and he begins to sink into obsession.

“A hypnotic, unsettling work by one of the most sensuous filmmakers of the last 25 years.” – Melissa Anderson, Village Voice

As a series of men are pulverized by increasingly violent sexual encounters with Coré, the parallels between her and the intense American pursuing her become unsettlingly clear. Art, sex and horror collide in this one-of-a-kind thriller that shocked Cannes Film Festival audiences with its graphic depiction of carnal lust as a cannibalistic disease. Featuring dreamy, impressionistic cinematography by Agnes Godard and swirling music by British chamber pop band Tindersticks (both frequent Denis collaborators), this elliptical and polarizing film is a heady and haunting exploration of desire taken to its disturbing extreme. Ranked among the Top 100 films in Film Comment’s end of the decade critics’ poll. (Dir. by Claire Denis, 2001, France/Germany/Japan, in French and English with English subtitles, 101 mins., Rated NC-17 for graphic sex and violence)