Tucker: The Man and his Dream


Director Francis Ford Coppola and executive producer George Lucas joined forces and brought their considerable talents to this epic story of Preston Tucker, the man who revolutionized car design in the late 1940s, only to have his innovative ideas destroyed by the “Big Three” automakers in a vicious legal battle led by powerful political lobbies. In Tucker: The Man and his Dream, Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges plays Tucker, a dynamic engineer and enthusiastic showman in postwar America who envisions the car of the future. Against all odds, he manages to build a fleet of them, only to find out that Detroit’s “Big Three” auto manufactures aren’t about to let an independent businessman horn in on their action. But this unabashed optimist’s belief in the American Dream keeps him in the fight, and he’s determined to see his new automobile (the fabulous Tucker, of which only 50 were ever made) burning up the nation’s highways. Co-starring Joan Allen and Martin Landau (who scored an Oscar nomination as Best Supporting Actor for the film), Tucker is a stirring, Oscar-nominated ode to the entrepreneurial spirit and automobile lovers everywhere. (Dir. by Frances Ford Coppola, 1988, USA, 110 mins., Rated PG) Digital