Tucson Lunafest 2013


Get ready for an entertaining and enlightening evening of short films made by, for and about women. This annual nationally-touring film festival brings the best short films from around the world together for one special night of cinematic excitement! This year’s program of nine brand-new films will compel discussion, make you laugh, tug at your heartstrings and motivate you to make a difference in your community. Incredibly diverse in style and content, Lunafest is united by a common thread of exceptional and inspiring storytelling – by, for and about women.

This year’s films:
Blank Canvas
When Kim received a devastating diagnosis for uterine cancer, her world was turned upside down. Taking an unconventional route through treatment, Kim decides to turn her baldness into a blank canvass for self-expression, and in doing so creates a powerful statement that allows her to share her experience with others.

When a gymnast is selected for the National training camp, she discovers something new about bodies, boys and friendship.

Artist Andrea Dorfman’s drawings burst colorfully into life as she animates the story of her long-distance relationship with a man whose profession—plastic surgery—gives her plenty of fodder for thought about what makes a person beautiful.

Georgena Terry
Georgena Terry, founder of Terry bicycles, revolutionized the women’s biking industry by creating a bike frame specific to a woman’s body. This is the story of how she got her start and the challenges within the women’s biking movement.

Lunch Date
2011 was supposed to be Annabel’s year. So why is she here, sitting in a restaurant, being told by a fourteen-year-old that her boyfriend, Thomas, doesn’t want to see her anymore?

Self-Portrait with Cows Going Home and Other Works
A rare film portrait of Village Voice photographer Sylvia Plachy, who is ironically camera shy. Featuring a music score by Ms. Plachy’s son, Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody.

The Bathhouse
A luscious and poetic animated journey from the dark, polluted streets of the modern city, into the sanctuary of the Bathhouse. The women who venture into this place enter as strangers, weary from the toils of the city, but together they undergo an empowering physical and spiritual transformation in this fantastical paradise.

Whakatiti – A Spirit Rising
Kiri, an overweight Maori woman, takes a trip to the Whakatiki River where she spent many summers as a girl. With her goes her husband Dan, his friend Seb and beautiful newcomer, Josie. The place awakens powerful memories for Kiri, and as tensions mount she draws on her spiritual connection to the river to rise up and reconnect with her true self.

When I Grow Up
Letty dreams of not one, but several taco trucks, so she can stop working at the restaurant and better provide for herself and daughter. But Michaela hates helping mom sell tacos every morning before school. Driving past a wasteland of refineries in Corpus Christi, Texas, they both find hurt and hope during one of their morning routines.
(Approximate program running time: 120 mins., Not Rated) Digital