Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

30th Anniversary!

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me


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Wrap yourself in plastic and visit the town of Twin Peaks as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, screening on the same calendar day it opened in theaters back in 1992!   Enter our free raffle for mysterious Twin Peaks prizes, and enjoy cherry pie and damn fine coffee, available for sale at the snack bar!

In the town of Twin Peaks, everyone has their secrets—but especially Laura Palmer.  David Lynch’s big screen, fever dream prequel to his early ‘90s cult TV smash Twin Peaks resurrects the ill-fated teenager (Sheryl Lee) who was found wrapped in plastic at the beginning of the show, following her through the last week of her life and teasing out the enigmas that surround her murder.  Homecoming queen by day and drug-addicted thrill seeker by night, Laura leads a double life that pulls her deeper and deeper into horror as she pieces together the identity of the assailant who has been terrorizing her for years.  Coffee-loving FBI agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) is back on the scene – tracking an enigmatic killer from one bucolic Washington town to the next – as are the Log Lady, the Man from Another Place, the demonic parallel reality of the Black Lodge and the shape-shifting, stringy-haired demon known as “Bob.”  Initially dismissed by baffled critics and fans, and later hailed as a masterpiece, Fire Walk With Me is a purely Lynchian dreamscape – an unsettling vision of what lurks beyond the neatly manicured facades of plastic suburban America. Filled with mystery, horror and the darkest of dark humor, Fire Walk with Me is an unforgettable portrait of innocence torn apart by unfathomable forces, and one of Lynch’s most humane films, aching with compassion for its tortured heroine—a character as enthralling in life as she was in death. (Dir. by David Lynch, 1992, USA, 135 mins., Rated R)

2 HR 15 MIN | R

Released 1992
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me Trailer Trailer
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