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Uncharted Lines


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With director Paul Robinson in person!

Summer 2015. Paul Robinson set out for the biggest adventure of his life with the goal of making a permanent mark in the climbing industry. Paul and his film crew embarked on a two-year journey around the world to Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, South America and North America with the goal of finding and establishing new, high quality climbing areas that would be remembered for generations to come. Many of these locations had never been explored and required scouting missions.

With a journey such as this, there was no guarantee of good rock and hard lines. Paul researched the areas, connected with as many locals and travelers as they could regarding the potential areas, and planned scouting missions hoping for positive outcomes. The film’s schedule was constantly changing based upon the results of the scouting missions and weather forecasts. Professional climbers such as Chris Sharma, Daniel Woods, Jimmy Webb and Niccolo Ceria, as well as local climbers joined Paul throughout the journey, all sharing in the same goal of exploration and development. (Dir. by Alexandra Kahn and Paul Robinson, 2017, USA, 120 mins., Not Rated)