Urgh! A Music War


Put a safety pin in your nose and take a hard-rocking trip back to the early ‘80s with this incredible concert compilation featuring twenty-six powerful performances by the era’s best Punk, New Wave and Post-Punk bands. Musical wimps need not apply, because this is war … it’s Urgh! A Music War! Consisting entirely of a series of colorful concert performances, without narration or interviews, this legendary rock film (which has fallen in and out of circulation over the years due to musical licensing issues) is live, loud, urgent and tons of fun – a breathtaking snapshot of the early ‘80s underground music scene with more than two dozen young, energetic bands caught in the act and making the music and the moments matter in hot, crowded, amped-up venues scattered across L.A., London, New York City and beyond. The style report is filled with big hair, shaved heads, painted faces, leather leggings and wraparound shades – with the musical styles ranging from minimalist electronica to reggae to theatrical camp to mosh-worthy mayhem. Reflecting the political anger and musical abandon of the era, Urgh! is catchy and crazy and totally unhinged, and the spirit of the times live on with the throbbing sights and sounds provided by an avalanche of amazing performers including The Police, Devo, The Go-Gos, Oingo Boingo, X, The Cramps, Surf Punks, Joan Jett, Pere Ubu and more. Turn it on and turn it up, because this means war: Urgh! A Music War. (Dir. By Derek Burbidge, 1982, USA, 124 mins., Rated R) Digital