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Valley Girl


She’s cool. He’s hot. She’s from the Valley. He’s not. And thus begins this, like, totally awesome ‘80s comedy of star-crossed teen romance starring a punked-out Nicolas Cage in his first major movie role! In Valley Girl, bitchin’ preppy Julie Richman (Deborah Foreman) rules the Valley Girl scene of the San Fernando Valley as she shops, accessorizes and deals with her “perfect” (and perfectly dull) jock boyfriend, Tommy (Michael Bowen).

“This movie is a little treasure – a funny, sexy, appealing story of a Valley Girl’s heartbreaking decision: Should she stick with her boring jock boyfriend, or take a chance on a punk from Hollywood?” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

But when Julie meets an edgy Hollywood punk named Randy (Cage, in full-on goofy heartthrob mode, sporting spiked hair and the very stylish “80s skinny tie and bare chest” look), she falls hard for this sort-of bad boy from the wrong side of the city, and they begin an unlikely romance, only to discover that the distance between Hollywood and the Valley might be greater than they thought. Torn between fitting in with her superficial Val friends and embracing a more “out there” lifestyle, Julie must decide if she’s going to stay with dull drip Tommy or take a chance on cool dude Randy. Directed with high energy by Martha Coolidge (Real Genius), and featuring crazed ‘80s fashion and a killer soundtrack filled with hot new wave artists like Sparks, Modern English and The Psychedelic Furs (not to mention live performances by The Plimsouls and Josie Cotton), Valley Girl is a majorly gnarly good time! (Dir. by Martha Coolidge, 1983, USA, 99 mins., Rated R)