V/H/S 2


Two investigators tracking the disappearance of a student break into an abandoned house to find a collection of VHS tapes strewn around an ominous, flickering AV setup. Each unmarked cassette reveals traces of the paranormal, the flesh-eating undead, evil alien invaders and an apocalyptic vision of hell on Earth. Drawn closer to the warbling static, the obsessed trespassers fall prey to the unforeseen doom of the inhabited home. This highly anticipated follow-up to last year’s horror sensation V/H/S features crazed, gore-splattered terror shorts from contemporary genre film’s leading talents. Jason Eisener (Hobo with a Shotgun) delivers a frenetic entry recalling ’80s pre-teen adventure movies, as a group of prank-loving adolescents have a terrifying run-in with otherworldly visitors. Blair Witch Project directors Gregg Hale and Eduardo Sánchez return with a singularly sickening tale of gut-hungry zombies. Adam Wingard (You’re Next) spins a deliciously creepy story of a cybernetic eye transplant which reveals a world of supernatural beings haunting its owner. Gareth Evans (The Raid: Redemption) and Timo Tjahjanto (The ABC’s of Death) examine what happens when a documentary crew makes a film about a Satanic cult and everything literally goes to hell in a hand basket. Bursting with shocks, surprises and gore, V/H/S/2 ventures even further down the demented path blazed by its predecessor, discovering new and terrifying territory in the genre. This is modern horror at its most inventive, a thrilling rollercoaster ride that shrewdly subverts our expectations about viral videos in ways that are just as fun as they are frightening. (Various directors, 2013, USA / Canada / Indonesia, 96 mins., Not Rated, Magnet Releasing) Digital