One Night Only Live Streaming Event!

We Are Many

Available to Stream on Monday, September 21

The film will be followed by a livestream panel conversation with director Amir Amirani and special guests! Content is available starting at 5pm MST on September 21, and can be viewed until September 22 at 5pm MST. The Loft Cinema will be splitting the revenue with the film’s distributor 50/50.

Commemorating International Day of Peace, this event is supported by a coalition of social justice and peace NGOs, including Code Pink, United Peace and Justice, and Veterans for Peace.

We Are Many is a powerful documentary showing that people do have a voice.” – Philip David Morton, Huffington Post

On February 15, 2003, up to 30 million people, many of whom had never demonstrated before, came out in nearly 800 cities around the world to protest against the impending Iraq War. We Are Many is the never-before-told story of the largest demonstration in human history, and how the movement created by a small band of activists changed the world. This fearless, thought-provoking documentary tells the remarkable inside story behind the first ever global demonstration and its surprising and unreported legacy. Featuring interviews with Noam Chomsky, Ron Kovic, John le Carré, Medea Benjamin, Brian Eno, Dr. Hans Blix, Jesse Jackson, Ken Loach, Mark Rylance and more! An energizing live panel addressing the issues raised in the film and exploring the power of non-violent protest will follow the screening with director Amir Amirani, luminaries featured in the film, and a multi-generational group of protest organizers from the February 15th event to today’s protests against police brutality. (Dir. by Amir Amirani, 2014, UK, 110 mins., Not Rated)