We’re No Angels / Loft Staff Selects


In this dark comedy classic, movie tough guy Humphrey Bogart reunites with his Casablanca director Michael Curtiz for a twisted (but ultimately heartwarming) tale of holiday hijinks and three escaped convicts who are definitely no angels. We’re No Angels, based on the French play La Cuisine des Anges by Albert Husson, tells the devilishly delightful story of three escaped convicts from Devil’s Island. When the trio of prison escapees (played by Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray and Peter Ustinov) reach a small French coastal village during the holiday season, they realize they need some quick funding, so they devise a plan to rob a local store and murder the husband and wife shopkeepers, the Ducotels. However, they quickly reason that “cutting their throats might spoil their Christmas,” so the men decide instead to get the financially unstable store back on track by fixing the place up and bringing in more customers. As business begins to boom, Andre Trochard, the mean-spirited owner of the store, arrives on the scene with some greedy schemes of his own to exploit the innocent Docotels. Having grown fond of the shopkeepers, the tough convicts decide to help them combat the nasty owner – throw in a deadly snake named Adolph (one of the convict’s pet), and the fun really begins. The fourth collaboration between two of Warner Brothers’ biggest properties – star Humphrey Bogart and director Michael Curtiz (whose previous pairings include the classics Angels with Dirty Faces and Casablanca) – We’re No Angels is a fun comedy treat that proved to the world Humphrey Bogart could be both tough and hilarious when given the chance. (Dir. by Michael Curtiz, 1955, USA, 106 mins., Not Rated) Digital